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                UIM Superlicence application procedure opened for the 2020 racing season

                2019-12-27 15:59中国Ŀƽ̨水潜水摩托艇运动联合会

                Dear Ladies, Dear Sirs,

                The end of the 2019 powerboat racing season is fast approaching and it’s time to get ready for the racing activities of the new season. We therefore kindly ask you to inform the XCAT, F1, F2, F4 and Aquabike drivers affiliated to your Federation that the UIM Superlicence application procedure for 2020 has been opened and interested drivers can apply for their 2020 UIM Superlicence as from now onwards.

                All related procedures have been posted on the UIM website under the section “DOCUMENTS”, sub-section “OFFICIAL FORMS / PROCEDURES” and can be downloaded via the following link :


                Please note that the application deadlines set in the specific class rules have to be respected without exception.

                Any application has to be submitted via the UIM website by accessing your NA’s section within the private area www.uim.sport/

                We wish to remind you that no Superlicence application will be taken into account if it has

                not been entered via the UIM online procedure.

                Please note that the fees remain unchanged for the 2020 racing season.

                As regards the insurance for Aquabike drivers, In the event your drivers cannot obtain a Civil Responsibility insurance as per Aquabike rule 203.02.02, UIM & H2O Racing will again offer to the Aquabike drivers the possibility to take out a Global Civil Responsibility Insurance Policy which will cover the Aquabike drivers for the 2020 Aquabike Circuit World Championship events exclusively (please refer to pages 4 and 5 of the Aquabike Superlicence procedure for more details).


                • 010-67113728
                • 010-67112793
                • 北京市东城区左安门内大街8?br/>伟图大厦803?/li>